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Accessing mail-based harm reduction supplies

For People Who Use Drugs


NEXT Distro is currently operational in New York State

NEXT Distro is currently operational in our home state of New York. We’re working with other state Departments of Health to get up and running. Our goal is to provide services and supplies across the country.

Because of New York State’s longstanding commitment to ending the AIDS Epidemic, eliminating Hepatitis C, and supporting drug user health, we are lucky to have a network of in-person syringe exchange programs. For that reason, please check New York syringe exchange program resources in advance of reaching out to NEXT Distro. New York syringe exchange programs are excellent places to receive support and we believe that in-person is always best. If you don’t have transportation but live near an existing syringe exchange program, let us know and we will work to connect you with the program closest to you- many have peer delivered syringe access opportunities to ensure your convenience and privacy.

For folks that can not access in-person syringe exchange, you can reach out to us using this drug user health-specific contact form.

The supplies we provide are what one could find walking into a brick and mortar syringe exchange program. We also provide risk reduction education, a host of online resources, as well as email, voice, or video chat support.

You can also email Jamie at