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What is

Next Distro?

An online and mail-based harm reduction platform designed to reduce opioid overdose death, prevent injection-related disease transmission, and improve the lives of people who use drugs.


 How does it work?

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need-based supplies
to promote health and safety

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education & support
telehealth-based services for people who use drugs

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to community-based harm reduction services


Why is the



Economics, geography, and stigma can prevent people who use drugs from accessing risk reduction education, opioid overdose prevention tools, and harm reduction supplies.

When people who use drugs have access to support that promotes wellness, everyone benefits. Access to the reduces NEXT Distro offers, can reduce the risk of HIV and HCV, and fatal opioid overdose.

93% of US counties do not have a syringe access program. By offering drug user health resources online, individuals in geographically isolated regions across the country can receive valuable, evidence-based harm reduction education, resources, and support.

The result is an empowered public and healthier society, and a channel by which people who use drugs can access support systems that suit their needs when they are ready. Our work opens communication, connects individuals to broader care systems, and supports autonomous participant-driven health improvement.



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