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For The General Public


If you’re interested in getting involved

You’ve come to the right place. We have big dreams for how Next Harm Reduction will support people who use drugs. While we’ve started our work in New York State, our vision is to build a nationwide platform that supports immediate needs, connects people into the resources available in their own communities, and consolidates harm reduction resources into one platform to ensure solid education and best practices are a click away.

If you share our vision, please join our team of fundraisers, volunteers, and advocates.


As you can imagine, fundraising is our most immediate need.

CASH ON HAND: We need folks to reach out to their networks to support individual and private donations. We can guarantee you that 100% of every penny raised through individual contributes goes directly to funding shipping supplies, program supplies, and postage. We cut every corner we can to stretch a dollar, but we need more of them. We’re happy to talk through individual giving, restricted donations, or anything else related to funding.

LONG TERM NEEDS: We have been fortunate to have the support of wonderful foundations to support the start-up costs related to building Next Harm Reduction in New York State. However, folks across the country are requesting we provide support in their communities and within their state. We need larger donations, grant funds, and private foundation funds to support our expansion and enrich our ability to provide more services and more support, to a greater number of people.

One-time and reoccurring tax-deductible donation options are available on our donation page. We also have Venmo, Paypal, and cryptocurrency options.


We need a diverse group of skills, talents, and experiences to make NEXT Distro the platform it is envisioned to be. If you are an artist, tech wiz, student, policy wonk, researcher, activist, or person who uses drugs, we have a way to involve you. Please reach out through our contact page or check out our volunteer page.


Do you work within a health department? Are you a member of an opioid task force in your community? Are you involved in city council, governance, or community advisory boards? Please let your elected officials know that Next Harm Reduction is a possibility in their area. We’re happy to send you all the information you need to communicate the importance of this model. Reach out to us through our contact form. We’ll respond within 48 hours.