Questions & Answers


The mission of NEXT Distro is to ensure people who actively use drugs receive the supplies, resources, education, and support to encourage optimal health, wellness, and balance. We believe everyone who uses drugs should have the resources and ability to keep themselves as safe and as healthy as possible. This includes physical and emotional health.

NEXT Distro is run by the non-profit Next Harm Reduction. Our work consists of two branches:

  • Next Naloxone is our online and mail-based naloxone distribution project.

  • NEXT Distro is our online and mail-based drug user health project.

Need more clarification? Reach out to for more information. 


Where did this idea come from?

Mailing harm reduction supplies isn’t new. People who use drugs (PWUD), organizations that serve PWUD, and community activists have been mailing syringes and naloxone for longer than we can say. We hope to honor and contribute to the ongoing work of organizers and activists across the country. NEXT Distro in particular was inspired by the work of Tracey Helton. During the 2016 Harm Reduction Conference, Tracey gave a plenary talk called Radical Harm Reduction: Our Only Choice is Civil Disobedience Tracey’s work was startlingly simple yet effective. How could her work be scaled up and resourced across 50 states? This question led to NEXT Distro. If you’re interested in supporting Tracey’s current work please checkout her GoFundMe page. You can also keep up with Tracy through her blog Tracey415


Isn’t what you’re doing illegal?

Nope. Organizations and activists are doing amazing work using the internet to spread harm reduction resources and education. With a credit card, you can purchase syringes and other supplies online in all 50 states through Amazon or diabetic supplies sites. We’re simply combining the two, and creating a community specifically for people who use drugs interested in learning more about harm reduction techniques.


Shouldn’t you be trying to get people into treatment instead of giving them needles to help them continue using drugs?

Drug use, and the various reasons why people choose to use drugs is complex. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all model of treatment or template idea of what wellness is. NEXT Distro supports people while they are actively using drugs. For that reason, a significant component of our work is ensuring individuals understand the medical and treatment options in their communities. We also connect system users with care when they’re ready.

Why do you capitalize the word next?

NEXT stands for Needle EXchange Technology.

If this is "Needle Exchange technology”, how are you going to get the needles back from people who use them?

We love acronyms and “NEXT” felt right. However, NEXT Distro is a harm reduction distribution platform as opposed to a traditional needle exchange where people who use drugs receive clean, free syringes, and then bring back their used ones. We recognize that a mail-based model doesn’t necessarily work for syringe returns, and returning syringes is not part of our initial model. We provide safe disposal training, various safe disposal supplies, as well as a connection to may online resources and tools. Our current favorites are (New York state), and (national). We appreciate that their locator tools help folks find disposal options in their own community.


How do I get next in my town? 

Different states abide by different syringe possession and paraphernalia laws. Most likely, our first step will be reaching out to your state and local health department to introduce NEXT Distro and ask if they're interested in partnering with us to provide services. Email more information about where you live and we'll go from there. 


I want to support this project. How do I donate? 

That's exciting to hear. It depends on if you would like to donate money, time, or expertise. 

We have a bunch of donation options, you can visit our donation page

If time is all you've got, we certainly have ways to plug you in. Let us know what your skillsets are and we'll go from there. Please reach out to us through the contact form or email