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Advantages to a web and mail-based platform

  • Ability to connect, engage, and provide resources to people who use drugs regardless of their location or proximity to a syringe exchange program
  • Educational resources, tutorials, and support opportunities are compiled in one place, for system users to access in the comfort of their own home
  • Local health and social service resources are based on the users zip code
  • Using a chat feature, users can ask questions in real-time or request more in-depth telephone support
  • Data, periodic questionnaires, and intake updates will enable evaluation activities and provide information about how the site could expand and improve
  • Connect users to local and national drug user health resources that they may not be aware of
  • Ability to provide information blasts regarding valuable health information (i.e., HCV outbreak in nearby zip codes)
  • High utilization of the system could identify zip codes where more brick and mortar services are necessary
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Record overdose deaths and devastating HIV and HCV outbreaks across the United States underscore the urgent need to address drug user health and wellness gaps in under-resourced counties and municipalities. The demands of drug users in rural and suburban America require innovative harm reduction strategies and a flexible, modern approach.


Supply Distribution

Similar to a commercial ordering system, NEXT enables registered online users to choose supplies that are right for their needs and circumstance. All supplies are paired with web-based video tutorials and include educational information when mailed. Supplies may include single-use hypodermic syringes, hazardous waste disposal containers, Naloxone, fentanyl testing strips, and a host of other health promotion tools.

Education & Resources

NEXT is a online hub for harm reduction education. Video tutorials support people who use drugs in learning best practices for utilizing supplies that promote physical health. Videos showcase a diverse set of leaders, medical professionals, and social workers in the field of harm reduction. Content is accessible in both brief and extended formats. Tutorials are available in English and Spanish languages.

NEXT believes that in-person harm reduction and health services are best. When in-person services are not available, NEXT is the second best option. Resources are based off the users zip code and whenever possible, are sourced from harm reduction networks. Resources may include drug treatment (detox, rehabilitation), drug replacement therapies, medical services, testing services, mental health care, social services, as well as national resources and networks.  

Community & Support

NEXT will provide direct support to system users through online chat, video chat, and moderated forums. Quizzes and questionnaires will provide additional engagement for users i.e., Are you ready for treatment and Are you at risk for overdose and magazine style quizzes based in education. Additionally, special features and guest blog posts will engage system users with topics related to wellness, policy, and research.